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  • v0.9.3 Changes

    January 24, 2012
    • Proper error handling for not enough arguments to box commands.
    • Fix issue causing crashes with bridged networking. [GH-673]
    • Ignore host only network interfaces that are "down." [GH-675]
    • Use "printf" instead of "echo" to determine shell expanded files paths which is more generally POSIX compliant. [GH-676]
  • v0.9.2 Changes

    January 20, 2012
    • Support shell expansions in shared folder guest paths again. [GH-656]
    • Fix issue where Chef solo always expected the host to have a "cookbooks" folder in their directory. [GH-638]
    • Fix forward_agent not working when outside of blocks. [GH-651]
    • Fix issue causing custom guest implementations to not load properly.
    • Filter clear screen character out of output on SSH.
    • Log output now goes on stderr, since it is utility information.
    • Get rid of case where a NoMethodError could be raised while determining VirtualBox version. [GH-658]
    • Debian/Ubuntu uses ifdown again, instead of ifconfig xxx down, since the behavior seems different/wrong.
    • Give a nice error if :vagrant is used as a JSON key, since Vagrant uses this. [GH-661]
    • If there is only one bridgeable interface, use that without asking the user. [GH-655]
    • The shell will have color output if ANSICON is installed on Windows. [GH-666]
  • v0.9.1 Changes

    January 18, 2012
    • Use ifconfig device down instead of ifdown. [GH-649]
    • Clearer invalid log level error. [GH-645]
    • Fix exception raised with NFS recover method.
    • Fix ui NoMethodError exception in puppet server.
    • Fix vagrant box help on Ruby 1.8.7. [GH-647]
  • v0.9.0 Changes

    January 17, 2012
    • VirtualBox 4.0 support backported in addition to supporting VirtualBox 4.1.
    • syntax changed so that the first argument is now the type of argument. Previously where you had "" you should now put :hostonly, "". This is in order to support bridged networking, as well.
    • config.vm.forward_port no longer requires a name parameter.
    • Bridged networking. with :bridged as the option will setup a bridged network.
    • Host only networks can be configured with DHCP now. Specify :dhcp as the IP and it will be done.
    • config.vm.customize now takes a command to send to VBoxManage, so any arbitrary command can be sent. The older style of passing a block no longer works and Vagrant will give a proper error message if it notices this old-style being used.
    • config.ssh.forwarded_port_key is gone. Vagrant no longer cares about forwarded port names for any reason. Please use config.ssh.guest_port (more below).
    • config.ssh.forwarded_port_destination has been replaced by config.ssh.guest_port which more accurately reflects what it is used for. Vagrant will automatically scan forwarded ports that match the guest port to find the SSH port.
    • Logging. The entire Vagrant source has had logging sprinkled throughout to make debugging issues easier. To enable logging, set the VAGRANT_LOG environmental variable to the log level you wish to see. By default, logging is silent.
    • system renamed to guest throughout the source. Any config.vm.system configurations must be changed to config.vm.guest
    • Puppet provisioner no longer defaults manifest to "box.pp." Instead, it is now "default.pp"
    • All Vagrant commands that take a VM name in a Multi-VM environment can now be given a regular expression. If the name starts and ends with a "/" then it is assumed to be a regular expression. [GH-573]
    • Added a "--plain" flag to vagrant ssh which will cause Vagrant to not perform any authentication. It will simply ssh into the proper IP and port of the virtual machine.
    • If a shared folder now has a :create flag set to true, the path on the host will be created if it doesn't exist.
    • Added --force flag to box add, which will overwrite any existing boxes if they exist. [GH-631]
    • Added --provision-with to up which configures what provisioners run, by shortcut. [GH-367]
    • Arbitrary mount options can be passed with :extra to any shared folders. [GH-551]
    • Options passed after a -- to vagrant ssh are now passed directly to ssh. [GH-554]
    • Ubuntu guests will now emit a vagrant-mounted upstart event after shared folders are mounted.
    • attempts is a new option on chef client and chef solo provisioners. This will run the provisioner multiple times until erroring about failing convergence. [GH-282]
    • Removed Thor as a dependency for the command line interfaces. This resulted in general speed increases across all command line commands.
    • Linux uses shutdown -h instead of halt to hopefully more consistently power off the system. [GH-575]
    • Tweaks to SSH to hopefully be more reliable in coming up.
    • Helpful error message when SCP is unavailable in the guest. [GH-568]
    • Error message for improperly packaged box files. [GH-198]
    • Copy insecure private key to user-owned directory so even sudo installed Vagrant installations work. [GH-580]
    • Provisioner stdout/stderr is now color coded based on stdout/stderr. stdout is green, stderr is red. [GH-595]
    • Chef solo now prompts users to run a reload if shared folders are not found on the VM. [GH-253]
    • "--no-provision" once again works for certain commands. [GH-591]
    • Resuming a VM from a saved state will show an error message if there would be port collisions. [GH-602]
    • vagrant ssh -c will now exit with the same exit code as the command run. [GH-598]
    • vagrant ssh -c will now send stderr to stderr and stdout to stdout on the host machine, instead of all output to stdout.
    • vagrant box add path now accepts unexpanded shell paths such as ~/foo and will properly expand them. [GH-633]
    • Vagrant can now be interrupted during the "importing" step.
    • NFS exports will no longer be cleared when an expected error occurs. [GH-577]
  • v0.8.10 Changes

    December 10, 2011
    • Revert the SSH tweaks made in 0.8.8. It affected stability
  • v0.8.8 Changes

    December 01, 2011
    • Mount shared folders shortest to longest to avoid mounting subfolders first. [GH-525]
    • Support for basic HTTP auth in the URL for boxes.
    • Solaris support for host only networks. [GH-533]
    • vagrant init respects Vagrant::Environment cwd. [GH-528]
    • vagrant commands will not output color when stdout is not a TTY.
    • Fix issue where box_url set with multiple VMs could cause issues. [GH-564]
    • Chef provisioners no longer depend on a "v-root" share being available. [GH-556]
    • NFS should work for FreeBSD hosts now. [GH-510]
    • SSH executed methods respect config.ssh.max_tries. [GH-508]
    • vagrant box add now respects the "no_proxy" environmental variable. [GH-502]
    • Tweaks that should make "Waiting for VM to boot" slightly more reliable.
    • Add comments to Vagrantfile to make it detected as Ruby file for vi and emacs. [GH-515]
    • More correct guest addition version checking. [GH-514]
    • Chef solo support on Windows is improved. [GH-542]
    • Put encrypted data bag secret into /tmp by default so that permissions are almost certainly guaranteed. [GH-512]
  • v0.8.7 Changes

    September 13, 2011
    • Fix regression with remote paths from chef-solo. [GH-431]
    • Fix issue where Vagrant crashes if .vagrant file becomes invalid. [GH-496]
    • Issue a warning instead of an error for attempting to forward a port <= 1024. [GH-487]
  • v0.8.6 Changes

    August 28, 2011
    • Fix issue with download progress not properly clearing the line. [GH-476]
    • NFS should work properly on Fedora. [GH-450]
    • Arguments can be specified to the shell provisioner via the args option. [GH-475]
    • Vagrant behaves much better when there are "inaccessible" VMs. [GH-453]
  • v0.8.5 Changes

    August 15, 2011

    💎 Note: 0.8.3 and 0.8.4 was yanked due to RubyGems encoding issue.

    • Fix SSH exec! to inherit proper $PATH. [GH-426]
    • Chef client now accepts an empty (nil) run list again. [GH-429]
    • Fix incorrect error message when running provision on halted VM. [GH-447]
    • Checking guest addition versions now ignores OSE. [GH-438]
    • Chef solo from a remote URL fixed. [GH-431]
    • Arch linux support: host only networks and changing the host name. [GH-439] [GH-448]
    • Chef solo roles_path and data_bags_path can only be single paths. [GH-446]
    • Fix virtualbox_not_detected error message to require 4.1.x. [GH-458]
    • Add shortname (hostname -s) for hostname setting on RHEL systems. [GH-456]
    • vagrant ssh -c output no longer has a prefix and respects newlines from the output. [GH-462]
  • v0.8.2 Changes

    July 22, 2011
    • Fix issue with SSH disconnects not reconnecting.
    • Fix chef solo simply not working with roles/data bags. [GH-425]
    • Multiple chef solo provisioners now work together.
    • Update Puppet provisioner so no deprecation warning is shown. [GH-421]
    • Removed error on "provisioner=" in config, as this has not existed for some time now.
    • Add better validation for networking.