Swoft 2.0 — Modern High performance AOP and Coroutine PHP Framework. Swoft is a new era PHP framework based on Swoole and PHP 7.1+.

## Features - Built-in high performance network server(Http/WebSocket/RPC) - Flexible componentization - Flexible annotation function - Diversified command terminal(Console) - Powerful Aspect Oriented Programming(AOP) - Perfect Container management, Dependency Injection (DI) based on PSR-11 - Flexible event mechanism - Implementation of HTTP message based on PSR-7 - Event Manager Based on PSR-14 - Middleware based on PSR-15 - Internationalization(i18n) support - Simple and efficient parameter validator - High performance connection pool(Mysql/Redis/RPC),Automatic reconnection - Database is highly compatible Laravel - Cache Redis highly compatible Laravel - Efficient task processing - Flexible exception handling - Powerful log system

Monthly Downloads: 1,610
Programming language: PHP
License: Apache License 2.0
Tags: Frameworks     Framework     Websocket     Aop     Rpc     Coroutine     Swoole     Microservice     Swoft    

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