Swoole is an event-driven asynchronous & concurrent networking communication framework with high performance written only in C for PHP.

The network layer in Swoole is event-based and takes full advantage of the underlaying epoll/kqueue implementation, making it really easy to serve thousands of connections.

On the request processing part, Swoole uses a multi-process model. Every process works as a worker. All business logic is executed in workers, synchronously. With the synchronous logic execution, you can easily write large and robust applications and take advantage of almost all libraries available to the PHP community.

Unlike traditional apache/php-fpm stuff, the memory allocated in Swoole will not be free'd after a request, which can improve performance a lot.

Code Quality Rank: L2
Programming language: C

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I discovered swoole via a sitepoint article on the blink framework. curious about the idea, so i tried it live during a code camp, building a live quiz app that would be used by around a hundred people (no biggie right?), dev was straightforward, in 2 days i had something usable, and in the end everything worked perfectly. Highly recommended if you need anything high performance (or something like websockets) in php.

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